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Online Speech Therapy

How does Online speech therapy work?

We start a videocall via Skype or other means (social media etc). You can see me, hear me and talk to me exactly as you would at a face-to-face meeting.

Therapy material may include pictures, story book reading, interactive pdf, animated gifs, google slides and interaction with special educational games. 

Depending on the case, I will either present the material on screen, or send you material via email, so you can open it from you device. 

At the end of the session, I may send you extra material in order for the child to do “homework” exercises.

Mother and child at online speech therapy session with Greek Logoped
Παιδί κάνει λογοθεραπεία εξ αποστάσεως με την Μαρία Νίκα

The therapeutic material

The science of Speech Therapy has fully utilized modern technological means. A range of educational games have been designed specifically for speech therapy sessions.

In online therapy we implement a mixed approach: οn one hand, we have adapted reliable treatment material for use on screen. On the other hand, we enrich therapy session with modern interactive media, specifically designed for online therapy.

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How do I know that online speech therapy is suitable for my child?

We assess that in the process of Speech and Language Evaluation, via specific measuring tests.

At the evaluation stage, the Speech Therapist gathers information regarding the child’s therapeutic needs and subsequently determines the combination of treatment approaches needed.

We need to evaluate the child’s cognitive functions, communicative capacities and the availability of a parent or caretaker to be present for the sessions. (for practical reasons, eg handling the computer etc)

Can a therapy program be fully implemented only online?

Yes, but it depends on the case. Some cases may require exercises that can only be implemented via the physical presence of the therapist. When this happens, it is possible to arrange 1 or 2 face-to-face meetings per year.

In those meetings, I can work the exercises with the child. Then I can train the parents to work the exercises with the child. 

This is an effective way to incorporate specific type of physical therapy exercises into an online therapy program.

Παιδί κάνει άσκηση λογοθεραπεία στο σπίτι
Υλικό λογοθεραπείας για παιδιά κάτω των 5 ετών

I also prepare personalized material for activities and I leave it to you. We will use this material with the child in the subsequent online treatments.

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How do we start?

We start with a video call, with you, the parents.

It’s either via Skype or social media, and the aim is to have an initial introduction, get to know each other a bit, and answer questions and clarify practical issues:

For example, the setup of the room that the child will be in, whether the sessions will be conducted via a conventional computer or tablet with touch screen etc

The basic nessecitty is to have a computer with a camera, a microphone and an internet connection that doesn’t lag.

Almost all new laptops and tablets have the above devices already build-in. Most 4G internet connections do not have delay issues, as long as there is no parallel heavy usage (for example, an other person in the house downloading movies etc)

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Pros of online speech therapy

  • It is especially effective for children with auditory comprehensive difficulties or attention span limitations.
  • The majority of children find the interactive elements on screen fun and enjoyable. This motivates the children to focus on the therapist and the treatment
  • It's better for working parents . Online sessions are much more flexible in terms of schedule and time management, since there's no commuting. Therefore, it's easier to fit the time limitations of working parents

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Below you will find short blog posts with tips and information about the linguistic – cognitive development of the child.

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