Speech Therapy
for Greeks who live abroad

Maria Nika - Speech Therapist

Bobath NDT Therapist
M.Ed Special Education

Speech Therapist and Logoped Maria Nika

I provide speech therapy and preventive check of the child’s speech development, in both Greek and English language, for children of Greeks who live in Sweden.

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Conditions where Speech Therapy is needed

Speech therapy assesses and treats voice, language and communication disorders, feeding difficulties, stuttering, learning disabilities, dyslexia. Learn More…

Online Speech Therapy

We arrange therapy sessions on a flexible schedule, mainly based on Online intervention. Face-to-Face sessions are possible, once or twice a year. Learn More…

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Therapy material – exercises

I provide therapy material and exercises in digital form, which is tailored to be effective at online therapy sessions

Child doing Online Remote Speech Therapy with Maria Nika

Greek Vocabulary Program

for bilingual children

For areas where there is no Greek-teaching school, I implement a program aimed at developing Greek vocabulary, so that the child keeps up lexically and culturally with other Greek-speaking children. Learn More

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Speech therapy in Greek and English

For children that attend anglophone schools, I organize the sessions and therapy material to be bilingual (both in English and Greek)

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Parental Guidance

There are cases, in which speech therapy online does not fully cover the child’s needs (e.g. because of age)

In theses cases I organize a Guidance Program. I set up a schedule of activities and therapy exercises for the child, and guide parents on how to implement them at home. Learn More…

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Many parents who raise children at a bilingual environment have questions and seek educated information.

You may call me for queries and tips!

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